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In 2003, the Nationwide Institute on Drug Abuse reported that over six million People had used prescription medicines for leisure functions. Painkillers like OxyContin and Percoset are in style on the black market and are sometimes acquired via solid prescriptions and theft. Sadly, proportion of those thefts, and unlawful use of those medication, are dedicated by professionals within the medical discipline.

There are numerous components that lead physicians, nurse, and different medical employees to grow to be depending on medication and/or alcohol. The pressures of the job mount and launch is sought. That prescription meds are simply accessible solely feeds the need to abuse medication for that fleeting sensation of numbing euphoria. It’s a behavior that may spiral uncontrolled if not handled, and injury one’s relationships, funds, profession, and well being.

Prescription medicines fall primarily into three classes. Whereas these medicines are helpful, and at occasions needed, to deal with numerous sicknesses, unlawful use and overuse is akin to abusing medication like cocaine and heroin. A drug is a drug, and as such must be utilized with utmost care.


Opioids are narcotic analgesics, prescribed to deal with extreme ache. When taken as prescribed, opioid medicines can successfully block ache messages to the mind and induce sleepiness in sufferers affected by insomnia. Opioids additionally affect sensations of euphoria and should heighten pleasure, and should grow to be extremely addictive if taken improperly. Widespread opioid painkillers embody Köp smärtstillande piller, Percocet, Vicodin, Morphine, Methadone and Demerol.


Individuals who undergo from nervousness, panic assaults, and insomnia are sometimes prescribed medicines that have an effect on the central nervous system. These depressants sluggish mind perform and induce a sense of calm within the affected person, encouraging leisure, higher rationalization, and typically enhancing temper. Overuse of such meds can result in a protracted sensation of drowsiness or feeling “stoned,” and might contribute to dependence. Widespread pharmaceuticals on this class embody Valium, Nembutal, Xanax, and barbiturates like Seconal and Phenobarbital.


On the other facet of the spectrum, stimulant medication are prescribed to folks needing remedy for naturally sluggish skills, persistent fatigue, and narcolepsy. These medicines improve alertness and power by boosting mind exercise and coronary heart price. Individuals in search of an additional kick could also be tempted to abuse such stimulants, and extreme use could cause coronary heart issues, insomnia, and irregular temper swings. Medicine like Ritalin and Dexedrine are generally prescribed stimulants.

There are rehabilitation facilities and clinics specializing in treating addicts for prescription medication abuse. In case you are prescribed medication to deal with an sickness, you will need to know the dangers as a way to forestall dependancy. Seek the advice of a health care provider earlier than taking any kind of treatment. In the event you suspect a cherished certainly one of abusing treatment, seek the advice of with knowledgeable to study intervention and restoration.

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